Posted on: February 3, 2012

My First entry for Inmon :D
The prompt: Covered with words

Jake loved words, the way they rolled off people’s tongue. The different tones used when they were said. The way the alphabets looked or the sense of accomplishment he got when he traced his fingers on the letters printed in books; He couldn’t wait to say his first word out loud, though all he managed so far was “glu-gah-goo”. Unlike most kids his age who cuddled up in a blanket to feel safe at night, Jake couldn’t fall asleep until someone read to him or his tiny fingers were wrapped around a book. The sound of words droning in his head made him feel comfortable and safe like no blanket could. They made him sleep with a smile on his face.

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16 Responses to "Words"

I’m off to snuggle up in my duvet and my kindle. Doesn’t quite have the same ring as your words though ;-)

Great image to accompany your … Words! Words droning in his head … well-defined image! Welcome aboard!

Congrats on your first entry for InMon! And on the cute baby! If he’s yours, ooohhs.

Haaha, he’s definitely not mine. I’m just a student.

Hahaa nice, I’ve made another student friend! What are you studying! ;)

Just started out in college. You?

Going to start college this year! Maybe august/ october. Waiting for college acceptances letters and sponsorship :) Want to fly to the States or Europe, but let’s hope for the best! :)

Hi! My colleague has recommended me to come across your web log. And I’d like to say that I really treasure what you’re doing here.

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  • alltimescout: I thought so too. I used my laptop after forever and it was logged on here. Didn't realise when I posted! And, I couldn't help but open it again once
  • alltimescout: She probably wont :) IGlad you liked it!
  • alltimescout: Ah, you're giving me ideas for developing my character! Thank you :)



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